Meet the Maker

Hi! I'm Meagan.

I am the mastermind behind PTO - a wonder woman some might call me (or do I call myself that? Or am I just crazy?).

I have two kids Ari & Sloane, a husband, a full time marketing and communications job and a passion for being creative and having fun making kid's clothing. 

My Why

Pink Threaded Owl began when we were trying for our second child. It took about a year to get pregnant with Sloane. It was a really tough year.

That was when I truly discovered sewing - and that keeping my hands busy meant keeping my mind busy.

I think we all have that one (or many) things that keep us sane. I use creativity, graphic design, organization and sharing my talent as my mental health outlet. I’m always changing, always growing, always trying to make things better or easier for someone else.